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About Us

Hot Pot is a traditional Chinese meal which originated in Mongolia where the main ingredients were mutton and beef, but has slowly spread throughout China over the years. When it became popular in China, due to the many diverse and different cultures in different parts of China, variations on the traditional dish became endless and it began to diversify with the addition of seafood, chicken and other vegetables mainly in Southern China.
Over the years, hot pot became a mainstay cuisine in Southern China, with two popular versions of the broth emerging from this region. One is these is ‘Sichuan Mala’ and the other being ‘Hainan Coconut Chicken’.
We, at Qi Li Xiang have further engineered another variation to our version of this traditional meal by combining the essence of both our ‘Sichuan Mala’ & ‘Hainan Coconut Chicken’ broths to create our third signature broth, ‘Mala Chicken’.
Essentially, our customers can choose from 7 different broths for the hot pot, or a mixture of two broths.
Qi Li Xiang loosely translates to mean “7 Miles Fragrance” in Chinese. The aromas from our 7 different hot pot broths offering, radiating miles of fragrance.
All our ingredients, seafood and meat are sourced either live or fresh from suppliers daily. We have an option for ‘live seafood’ as well. Vegetables are sourced from farm to table daily.